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Cooking.com contains an extensive array of items for chefs, including gift items.
Chefshop.com is a gourmet boutique with artisan quality items, recipes, and other interesting links.
Dean and Deluca is an exceptional site from the famous store with quality gourmet items and accessories, including an extensive list of truffle oils and truffles, and exceptional gift items and baskets.
Dinesite.com is a restaurant review and location site for major US cities.
Dutch cheese specialist, exporting Edam, Gouda, Maasdammer and other cheeses from Holland with info about the cheese market in Edam.
Earthy.com is a great site that contains an excellent selection of gourmet foods at reasonable prices.
Epicurious.com contains access to recipes and other useful information from the magazines Gourmet and Bon Appetite.
ElegantEpicure.com Award Winning Gourmet Ingredients from around the globe to your door.
eurAgourmet.com Premier on-line purveyor of gourmet food & luxury gifts.
Fodors.com provides restaurant reviews and recommendations from around the world, and hotel information too.
Food.com allows you to order meals online for local delivery, obtain recipes, and other interesting information.
Foodies.com bills itself as the great American food festival online.
French cheeses from the Mediterranean foods alliance, can be found at CheesesofFrance.com.
French cheese information can be obtained at www.fromages.com.
GlobalChefs.com the online magazine written by chefs.
Gratefulpalate.com is a site that sells world of artisan-made foods and wines, including unique Syrah and Shiraz wines.
The Gourmet Connection is home to several gourmet magazines, the Diabetic Newsletter, and a recipe newsletter.
Indian Foods Co is a site on Indian cuisine and cooking with recipes, info, book reviews and product information.
Italian food and information from Italy, including information about organic ingredients from Eatalia.it.
Peck.it is the web site for an exclusive gormet store in Milano, Italy.
Spanish cheese and information including history, origins, types, and other information can be found at Cheesefromspain.com
TABASCO.com is the website for food, reciptes and links for the world famous TABASCO sauce from McIlhenny Co.
The James Beard Foundation web site that celebrates the country's culinary artists, provides scholarships and educational opportunities, serves as a resource for the industry, and sponsors world class events with famous chefs and fine dining.
Truffle information in English from Sainte Alvère in Périgord, the first village in France to put its truffle market on the Internet.
Urbani.com maintains an extensive selection of truffles and caviar.
Web link for a SFO based food writer can be found at www.sautewednesday.com.
Web blogs from a Parisian about food can be found at chocolateandzucchini.com.
Zingermans.com is the online site for the Ann Arbor Michigan grocer and deli.

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