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Charlie Trotter's Restaurant's website, with wine lists, menus, from one of the world's outstanding restaurants.
Chowhound.com contains fun articles, amusing chat rooms, restaurant reviews from newspapers, and a useful restaurant Downhill Alert.
Dine.com - The largest online restaurant review site with over 150,000 restaurants listed.
Fodors.com provides restaurant reviews and recommendations from around the world, and hotel information too.
Gayot's Restaurant Guides contains some of the most comprehensive restaurant reviews written by restaurant industry professional.
HappyCow's Global Guide is a free vegetarian restaurant guide, providing vegetarians around the world with vegetarian & vegan healthy restaurant dining and health food store locations.
National Restaurant Association home page links to dinging guides and to each state’s restaurant association and tourism sites.
New Zealand restaurant guide to dining while visiting one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Restaurant guide from DiRoNA (Distinguished Restaurants of America), one of the most coveted awards in the restaurant business.
Restaurant Guides and Reviews by State sponsored by FoodWeb.com
Restaurantrow.com is an international dining guide with restaurant menus photos, and reviews.
Sushi restaurants around the world, organized by country, state, and city can be found at sushiref.com. There is a glossary of over 150 sushi-related foods and etiquette for sushi beginners.
Time for Food - Thomas Cook guide books cover restaurants, pubs, bars, local food markets and shops.
Web site for restaurants includes eGullet.com from the Society for Cullinary Arts that contains information on restaurants and food.
Web site for restaurants includes Chowhound.com from the Society for Cullinary Arts that contains information on restaurants and food.
Zagat tells it like it is for more than 20,000 restaurants, bistros, cafes, coffee-houses, diners, hotels and takeout joints in the city of your choice.

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